The Country That Gave Me The Travel Bug

I have always had a long, ever growing list of countries I’ve wanted to visit. However, I never really did anything about it until I booked my Spring Break trip to Greece, Senior year of College, this past March. While on this trip I was bit by the travel bug and gained the motivation and desire to get out there and see the countries I’ve always wanted to see. But before I get into that, let me explain why Greece gave me the travel bug.

I only had one week in Greece, but it was enough to confirm I needed to come back for more at a later date. I spent most of the week in Athens, with two planned nights in Mykonos. However, since I went in March, the off-season, my fellow traveler and I decided to only stay one night since all of the restaurant, shop, and hotel owners were painting and preparing for the height-season, which begins after Orthodox Easter. Even though Mykonos was a ghost town besides a handful of tourists and the people who live there all year round, it was still a great day/night! The cobblestone streets, all white buildings, and clear blue waters were gorgeous.

As for Athens, I’m normally not a city girl (a day or short weekend trip once in a while to my nearest cities Philly and NYC are enough for me), but this city captured my heart. So many amazing restaurants! So many delicious Greek dishes to try! The feta in Greece was life changing! I even went out of my comfort zone and ate Moussaka when I don’t even like eggplant! (spoiler: it was delicious). Besides the food being super delicious and every foodie’s dream, the history and ruins of Athens are another reason to visit. It is amazing how preserved these ruins are after all of this time. Acropolis surpassed my expectations. Ancient Agora has beautiful ruins and a museum with artifacts. The Acropolis Museum was informative and was home to many beautiful statutes. And I can’t forget Panathenaic Stadium, the first Olympic Stadium! What a great experience that was, and no I did not run on the track because my body rejects running.

Besides the ruins and museums, the Athens Flea Market is another place worth checking out. There are so many vendors and restaurants to walk around and explore. My souvenir to myself was a handmade pair of leather sandals from the Flea Market. Every time I put them on I think of Athens and what a great time I had.

Thank you for checking out my first blog post! Be on the look out for my next post. Hint: it may be about different Greek dishes to try!

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