Ways to Save $$ when Booking your Trip

Package Your Trip

One major way to save if you’re arriving and departing from the same airport and staying in the same hotel the whole trip, is to package your trip! By doing so you can save a ton! Some websites even give you your hotel stay for free when you book your roundtrip airfare and hotel together. Who doesn’t want that?! For my upcoming trip to Ireland, I packaged roundtrip airfare and my hotel stay for my sister and I, with trip protection, all for about $1800, all while earning Orbucks to use on future hotel stays! I saved a ton of money that I put towards booking tours from Dublin to popular sights such as the Cliffs of Moher and Blarney Castle. I mainly use https://www.orbitz.com (like I did for my trip to Ireland) but there are other options such as Expedia, Travelocity, and Kayak.

Stay at a Hostel, not a Hotel

I personally have never stayed at a Hostel, but I know many people who have! They all said it is a great way to save money that you could use to extend your stay or continue your travels elsewhere, while also giving you the opportunity to meet new people. Because you stay in a common room instead of a private space like in a Hotel, it is way easier to become friends with fellow travelers. Some have even said they went exploring with their new friends and wouldn’t have it any other way! Based on these stories, I would definitely be curious to swap out a Hotel for a Hostel on a future trip! I’ve attached a link to a website that is helpful in finding quality Hostels around the world: https://www.hostelworld.com

Visit a Less Traveled Destination

Note: Not always less expensive but could be!

I know it sounds crazy to ditch the highly talked about destinations such as Rome, Dublin, London and Reykjavik. However, with hype comes a bigger price tag. The hot ticket destinations know tourists will come no matter the cost so they bump up their prices, especially in the high season. Traveling to an under the radar destination can give you those “oh wow” moments without giving your wallet the “oh no” moments. However, it is important to research first because the reason they may be less traveled is because of high costs. Before booking, just make sure your budget can take it!

Another perk to traveling to a less traveled destination is that it will not be as crowded as the highly vacationed areas. Imagine this: vacation pictures of you without strangers eating, sneezing, or staring in the background! Woo!

I have done some research about traveling to less traveled destinations since I’m also guilty of traveling to and building my bucket list around the most talked about destinations. In my search, and with the help of one of my favorite travel couple vloggers, Stephen and Jess of Flying the Nest, I discovered the company called AnyWhr. The purpose of Anywhr is to create customized trips to less traveled destinations. When booking with AnyWhr you start with customizing your trip by selecting a continent and duration, theme, flight preference, type of accommodation, and select any upgrades you would want. This way you can ensure you will get a trip in the area you are curious about and that the trip is within your budget. Next, AnyWhr asks you some questions to get to know you. Finally, you press book and AnyWhr does the rest! You can give them a list of places you’ve already been and places you wouldn’t want to go, but the destination stays a secret until you get to the Airport. There you can open you envelope that contains your tickets, your Travelog, and any other transportation and accommodation information for the rest of your trip. I’ve linked the Flying the nest video here: https://youtu.be/BeuPa63JFn0 and the link to their Website’s how it works page here: https://www.anywhr.co/how-it-works.

Don’t Visit in the High Season

This tip is a little harder to follow because almost every country’s high season is in the summer, AKA the most convenient time to vacation. However, depending on the type of location it is, the high season can vary. No matter when the high season is for a country though, that is when it will be the most crowded and most likely, the most expensive. Traveling to a country in the shoulder or low season is a good way to ensure you aren’t suffocated by the number of fellow travelers or by the price of your flights and accommodations.

Take Ireland for example. The High Season is late June to September, while shoulder season is April to early June and low season is November to March. I am traveling in March this coming year because that is when spring break for my graduate school and spring break for my sister’s college falls. While I may experience some chilly weather (though Ireland experiences unexpected changes in weather all year round), my trip was quite affordable compared to what it might be if I booked it during high season. Shoulder season in many countries would give you the better prices while still getting most of the good weather perks experienced during High Season. However, any time you get to explore a dream destination, in my opinion, is the high season! It doesn’t hurt to save some money and some of your sanity from less crowds while getting to enjoy a destination on your bucket list.

Sign up for FareDrop!

I have a whole blog post dedicated to FareDrop but I felt it needed to be included in this post because it is a great way to save money! Basically all you do is sign up for the free trial, set your home Aiprort (options from U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia), pick continents you want deals from, set your budget, pick the months you want to receive deals for, and wait for the savings to roll in! If you are satisfied with the deals you are receiving, don’t cancel your membership and you will be charged the membership fee for the year! If you are not, just cancel your membership before your free trial ends and you won’t be charged. However, I guarantee you won’t want to walk away from those savings! I included the link to Kara and Nate’s YouTube video describing the entire process and company!(https://youtu.be/o-e6uQHfOHs).

If you do decide to give it a try, I would greatly appreciate you using my affiliate link, which you can find in menu options, in the post dedicated to FareDrop, or right here: https://faredrop.com/?deal=haley99!

Thank you for reading! See you next time!

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