Sights to See in Munich

Are you heading to Munich and have no idea where to start and what to see? Well you’ve come to the right place. There are so many great sights to see in this beautiful, Bavarian city so let’s get started!


The central square of the city is home to many restaurants, shops, churches, and Munich’s two town halls! It is a great area to walk around to get the feel of the city and take in the gorgeous architecture. In the summer months you can even expect to see festivals and live music in the square.

Old Town Hall

The original city hall is a beautifully crafted building on the east side of Marienplatz, now home to a toy museum. The museum displays the history of toys traced from way back in the nineteenth century to modern day. I only admired the outside though because I’m not a fan of creepy dolls (Come on, it can’t just be me). If you are with me, the outside is so beautiful you won’t feel you’re missing out by not going inside. But if you’re interested in the history of toys, go venture inside and let the outsiders know what it’s like.

New Town Hall

Just as beautifully crafted as Old Town Hall, New Town Hall is now home to the city government. If the ornate gothic architecture isn’t enough to take your breath away, the Glockenspiel sure may. The world famous Glockenspiel was added to New Town Hall the year it was completed (1907). It is two levels and acts out scenes from Munich’s history such as a royal wedding, jousting tournament and ritualistic dance. These scenes play daily at 11am and 5pm (March through October). The show lasts about 15 minutes. While the scenes are playing, different tunes are played on the Glockenspiel’s 43 bells. It’s a sight you surely don’t want to miss! I’d suggest getting there at least 15 minutes before to make sure you get a good spot!

The Glockenspiel on the front of New Town Hall


A thriving farmers market a few streets away from Marienplatz that stretches for over 22,000 square meters. Home to numerous food stalls, tiny souvenir stands with items such as homemade wood items and post cards, and picnic tables a plenty. The food stalls offer anything from fresh squeezed fruit juices to coffee to fresh meats. The area was so cute, I could have spent all day walking around and trying foods. The fresh squeezed fruit juice was definitely the highlight for me. The maypole shown below stands in the center of the market. It is decorated with traditionally dressed figures who represent some of the trades that were common in that area of Munich.

English Gardens

Covering an area of 910 acres, this park takes the title as largest city park in Munich. Besides that honor, it is special for another reason. It is home to the most unusual activity for being located in a city; surfing. Yep, you read that right. There are surfers in the middle of a huge city! By the entrance near the Art museum there is a small bridge where water blasts out to create waves. I had to see it to believe it! The park is also home to a Beer garden, a lake where you can rent paddle boats, a Chinese Tower and a mini waterfall. There are a lot of options for shade to escape the summer heat or if you’re in the mood to soak up the sun there are also areas without tree coverage!


I saved the best for last! This famous beer garden is a MUST when in Munich. It has three floors and dates back to the 16th century! Talk about a place that knows their beer! I’m not a big beer drinker, but the beer tasted so good! There are so many options so don’t worry about finding one that you’ll like!

The beer wasn’t the only great part. The food and overall atmosphere brought the whole experience together. The menu consisted of a variety of famous german dishes including many types of bratwurst and the popular dessert, apple strudel. My meal was super delicious! And if you didn’t order enough food, there were ladies in traditional german dress walking around selling gingerbread hearts and pretzels bigger than my head! Lastly, to top off the ultimate german experience, there was an oompah band playing on the ground floor where everyone eats.

If you have time for one thing to do in Munich, it definitely should be this! It was a great meal and a great way to get in touch with german cuisine and culture.

Thank you for reading! Hope this helped you plan your trip or inspired you to take a trip to Munich!

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