Sights to See in Salzburg

I had the best time exploring Salzburg this past June. There are so many sights to see! Here are some of my favorites. Also, if you purchase the Salzburg card, you get free entrance to a long list of sights in the city.

Mozart’s Residence

Salzburg is mainly known for two things: Mozart and the Sound of Music. So naturally the first sight I had to see was Mozart’s Residence. Inside you can find documents, timelines and portraits of the Mozart family. You also get to see sheet music from Leopold Mozart, who unbeknownst to me, was a popular composer way before his son. It was a very cool experience to learn more about the family that many come to Salzburg to learn more about. My favorite part was the beautiful family portrait in the first room of the museum. I love a good painting.

Mozart’s Birthplace

Even more interesting than the Residence, was Mozart’s birthplace. The Residence’s main focus was Leopold while the birthplace focused more on Wolfgang Mozart and his sibling(s). It was very eye opening to see how families lived in those times. The house was pretty well preserved. Between the mustard yellow exterior and long line out the door, you won’t be able to miss this sight. In my opinion, if you have to choose between the Residence and the Birthplace, I say go to the birthplace. I found it more interesting and there is a cafe named after Mozart right down the street., where you can get some pretty delicious desserts.

Mirabell Palace and Gardens

“Do-re-mi, do-re-mi
The first three notes just happen to be
Do-re-mi, do-re-mi”

How would you like to visit the sight of this famous tune from the famed Sound of Music? Well you can! Mirabell Gardens is where the children and Maria were filmed hopping up and down the steps, running around stone gnomes, and walking around the edge of the fountain during their performance of this song. It is a beautiful garden and gives you a great view Fortress Hohensalzburg.

Fortress Hohensalzburg

I’m a sucker for a European Castle and this one was no exception. It is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe! The views from the top are unmatched (as you can see below). However, if you’re into more than just spectacular views of the city, there is a museum as well as a few restaurants within the walls of the Fortress.

How do you get up a castle that’s high above the city on a hill? You can walk the steep hill, which is said to take about 15 minutes, or you can choose the fun way..the vernacular. The ride takes only a few minutes and gives you pretty great views on the way up and down.

If you’re looking to trust yourself, when you come back down the Fortress, you exit through a beautiful jewelry store. There is also a caved archway claiming that if you kiss under it, your love will be eternal. Very cute!

Sound of Music Museum

If visiting Mirabell Gardens wasn’t enough Sound of Music for you, there is a museum all about the real-life Von Trapp family around the corner from Mozart’s Birthplace. Even though I’m huge fan of the movie, I had no idea the movie was based off a real family. It was interesting to learn about the family’s history. There was even an old tour sheet from the Von Trapp Singer’s Tour! I definitely wouldn’t miss this museum if you love all things Sound of Music and are curious to learn the fictional spins included in the movie versus what really happened to the family.

Sound of Music Tour

This is a MUST do if you visit Salzburg. This tour takes you to a ton of places used for scenes in the movie including the Gazebo, Saint Michael’s Cathedral in Mondsee (the church whereMaria and Captain Von Trapp were married), and Mirabell Gardens. You may even get to pass the famous hill that’s alive with the sound of music! I don’t want to spoil it all , so I’ll let you go on the tour and discover the other sights yourself. But just know, it is such a great experience. You get to learn more about the making of the Sound of Music by seeing the sights for yourself, while also exploring more of the beautiful country. Oh and if you decide to do the tour, don’t forget your singing voices at home;)

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